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Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Established in 1942, 3800 staff members, $600 million annual funding level, specializes in missile, radar, sonar, sensor, chemical/biological, and information technologies; space science and engineering, microelectronics; communications; navigation; modeling and simulation; advanced research and technology development

Applied Physics Laboratory University of Washington
Established in 1943, specializes in ocean acoustics, remote sensing, oceanographic research, polar science, electronic systems

University of Texas at Austin Applied Research Laboratories
Established in 1946, 700 staff members, specializes in acoustics, electromagnetics, and information technology

Applied Resesarch Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University
Established in 1945, 1000 staff members, specializes in acoustics, guidance and control, thermal energy systems, hydrodynamics, hydroacoustics and propulsion, materials and manufacturing, navigation and GPS, communications and information, and education

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