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Opinions & Perspectives Regarding UH Manoa UARC Proposal
Comments gathered from faculty and UHM community
Regarding the proposed UARC in response to ad hoc committee's e-mail request of June 24, 2005 for input.

Honolulu Diary: News from a Pacific Perspective, (PDF) edited by Ragnar Carlson, October 12-28 2005, Honolulu Weekly. [submitted by Beverly Keever, October 20, 2005]

Yes, we should look UARC gift horse in the mouth, October 16, 2005
Opinion piece by Karl Kim, Professor and Chair, Urban and Regional Planning, in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

UARC would not bring big money, just big secrecy by Beverly Deepe Keever, Professor, Journalism, opinion piece in Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sunday, October 2, 2005.

Institutional Ethics and UARC Issues at UHM [word document]
Article by Ruth Dawson, Professor, Women's Studies.

Open Letter to Regent Patricia Lee
Regarding the potential for increasing classified research at UHM, signed by UH faculty and students.

UH-Manoa generating key research for state, April 3, 2005
Honolulu Advertiser editorial featuring Proposed deal with Navy would boost campus capabilities by Chancellor Peter Englert and Military secrecy would clash with university ideals by UH Manoa Professors Ruth Dawson, Kathy E. Ferguson and Phyllis Turnbull.

Editorial: Gathering Place: UARCs support U.S. universities' objectives, May 14, 2005
Editorial commentary in Honolulu Star-Bulltin by UH Manoa physics professor, John Madey. Raises issues of technology transfer, effect of non-competitive funding on local businesses, and how UARC will be integrated into UH Manoa academic programs.

UARC protesters end six-day sit-in, May 9, 2005
Article in Ka Leo about sit-in at Bachman Hall organized by Save UH/Stop UARC Coalition.

Native Hawaiians say no to UARC, take classified research elsewhere, May 3, 2005
Article in Ka Leo by Manu Ka'iama, Kuali'i Council member.

Classified Research Policy Needs Attention, March 3, 2005
Letter to the Editor by Michael Jones, Associate Physicist, Physics and Astronomy Department in Ka Leo.

Classified on Campus: UH-Manoa's stealth campaign for secret research from Kewalo Basin to Kauai and perhaps Pearl Harbor 2, March 16, 2005
Editorial by Beverly Deepe Keever, Professor of Journalism, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Left and Right Brains Battle Over UARC at UH, May 1, 2005
Editorial by Amarjit Singh, Associate Professor of Construction Management, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Research center not fit for UH, January 28, 2005
Ka Leo opinion piece by Bart Abbott, UH student.

Arguing the Case in Favor of Military Research at UH?, November 29, 2004
Editorial by Les Sponsel, Professor and Director of the Ecological Anthropology Program, argues against further military involvement in Hawaii.

University scientists shouldn't perform classified research, November 26, 2004
Opinion piece by Karl Kim, Professor and Chair, Urban and Regional Planning, published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Stop U.A.R.C. and Classified Military Research at UH
Well organized website with full-text news articles, letters of support from faculty, students, and members of the community. A glossary at Key persons, projects and organizations provides information about stakeholders in the UARC proposal.

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