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The Department of Public Safety provides transportation or a walking escort from dusk to dawn for anyone walking alone on campus at night. By calling 956-SAFE(7233), an escort can be summoned to your location. The escort will either transport you in a Public Safety vehicle or accompany you on foot to any University parking lot or facility.

Restrictions of this service
The escort service is NOT intended to be a taxi service and will NOT provide transportation for the following reasons: rides to places of employment, restaurants, drinking establishments, laundromats, airports, bus terminals, etc. It will not cover rides for large groups, especially those who are either intoxicated or who display disruptive behavior. No pets or animals allowed.

What if there is a problem getting assistance?
If you have questions or problems with delivery of the escort service, please bring your concerns to the attention of the on-duty Public Safety supervisor immediately by calling 956-8211 or use an Emergency Call Box.

This service is available to all members of the University community.

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