Minor in Music

Students interested in participating in the University of Hawai'i Music Minor Program must complete an Academic Minor Request Form. The student will then make an appointment and meet with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies to discuss and agree upon a program of study. It is required that the student meet with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies each semester during the registration period.

The Music Minor Program requires 15 credit hours of course study with a "C" or better and must include a minimum of THREE credit hours from three of these four areas:

Theory and Aural Training
280 or above
Music History/Literature
265 or above
311 or above
Performance Studies
230 [alpha] or above

The balance (6 credits) of the Minor in Music requirements may be taken in any area of music (200 or above) which the student desires and for which the student is qualified. Introductory courses (MUS 106, 107, 108, etc.) may be used to fill CORE requirements, but MAY NOT BE APPLIED TO THE MINOR.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the above requirements are met. One semester before the expected date of graduation, the student must pick up a copy of the Music Minor Completion form from the Music Office and make an appointment to meet with the Music Minor advisor for final verification.

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Course Selections: Theory

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Course Selections: History / Literature

* MUS 266 can be taken before MUS 265.

* With consent or after completing MUS 265 or 266, music minors with special interests may be permitted to take upper-division (360, 46_) genre and period courses.

* Music minors may be given consent by the musicology faculty if they have sufficient music background.

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Course Selections: Ethnomusicology

See also Performance Studies Ensembles: 311_, 312, 410B, 411_, 412, 413, 417.

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Course Selections: Performance Studies

Applied Music

Students wishing to enroll in applied music courses MUST get department approval. Approval is also contingent upon evidence that the student is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the minor and is meeting the distribution requirement. Music minors are accommodated whenever possible, but music majors have priority. (Registration is monitored and verified by the Department Chair.) Instruction is given in 14 individual half-hour lessons per semester. Lessons are not made up unless the instructor is notified in advance that a student will miss a lesson.

Registration for lessons and choice of teachers must be approved by the music minor advisor, department chair and applied area. Assignment and admission to MUS 231 are based on auditions given by the department during the advising and registration period. Applied music courses cannot be audited or taken on a CR/NC grade basis.


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