(Mus 311H, Mus 417)

Javanese gamelan is a large ensemble consisting of an array of bronze instruments, drums, strings, and flute. Associated both with the royal courts and the villages of Central Java, it performs for ceremonies, celebrations, and to accompany dance and puppet theatre. Hawai`i has one of the premier ensembles outside of Java.

This course in gamelan offers the student an introduction to the music and to its instruments. Students will have hands-on experience in this orchestra in melody, rhythm, colotomic structure, basic theory, and types of improvisation. In addition, cultural context will be emphasized to enhance the education of learning the music of another culture.

The U.H. Gamelan Ensemble is a community-University organization made up of current and former members of the classes. The organization continues under the guidance of Pak Hardja Susilo.

Byron Moon, instructor for MUS 311H, was trained by Pak Susilo in gamelan and Javanese dance and has pursued further study in Java.

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