Hawaiian Hula & Chant

(Mus 312, Mus 412, Mus 413)

This series of ensembles focuses upon the performance of mele, the Hawaiian tradition that combines chant/song, music, and dance.

At each level attention is given to repertory, performance style, Hawaiian language, protocol and etiquette, and the social and historical background of the repertory.

The two instructors are well known in the hula community. Vicky Holt Takamine, from the Maiki Aiu lineage, is kumu hula (master teacher) for Halau Pua Ali`i `Ilima. Noenoelani Zuttermeister maintains the Pua Ha`aheo tradition received from her mother Kau`i Zuttermeister. Both kumu hula serve as judges for major hula competitions.

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