Class Koto
MUS 127B - Asian Music Performance: Koto

Pre-requisite: none

This is an introductory course in playing the 13-string Japanese koto in the Ikuta tradition. Students will become familiar with the basic hira-joshi tuning and will learn fundamental playing techniques through well-known melodies. Aspects of Japanese language and culture as related to the koto and its music will also be covered.

No experience in music or Japanese language is required.

The instructor is Darin Miyashiro.

Koto Ensemble
MUS 311C - Japanese Koto Ensemble

Pre-requisite: MUS 127B or consent

Present-day sōkyoku (music for the koto) traces its origins back to 17th century Japan and classic works from that period are part of the standard repertoire. Students will be expected to develop proficiency in traditional techniques by studying the classic “Rokudan no Shirabe.” Relevant works with ensemble parts of increased complexity will be learned as appropriate to the students’ level of technique.

This course is repeatable.

The instructor is Darin Miyashiro.

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