Chadwick Pang

Chadwick Pang

Hawaiian Ensemble

With training and experience in both western choral and Hawaiian music traditions, Chadwick Pang hopes to teach a holistic approach to music in Hawai'i, and academically contribute to the discourse on Hawaiian music. He obtained a BA and MA from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology, emphasizing on Hawaiian music, indigeneity, and music in politics.

Chadwick has been able to further develop his choral skills through unique opportunities. He was the Assistant Choral Conductor for UH in 2005-2007, and he has also been a choral clinician for Pa'u o Hi'iaka for the Na Lani 'Eha performance in 2006. Kawaionapukanileo, Honolulu's only professional Hawaiian choir, featured Chadwick as a guest conductor for their 10th Anniversary performance in 2007.

Possessing a great interest and commitment in teaching Hawaiian music, Chadwick has taught mele and kanikapila in the Kamehameha Summer School Program from 2004-2007. In 2005, he was invited to give several lecture-demos at the 2nd World Hula Conference hosted by Ka 'Aha Hula 'O Halauaola on musician-dancer collaboration and kanikapila. He has presented workshops on Hawaiian music to the students of Halau Ku Mana Charter School and Konawaena High School, as well as hula communities in New York and Boston.

Chadwick is the Hawaiian Ensemble instructor at the UH Music Department and has had this ensemble featured in community and international venues. In 2007, he organized a group of UH students to compete in the 23rd Ka Himeni Ana Song Contest. Taking first place at this traditional music competition, Chadwick was proud to showcase the talent and interest the students' possess in Hawaiian music at the UH Music Department.

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