Gagana Samoa

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General Introduction

Lesona 1

P1: Samoan alphabet, P2: Consonants/glottal stop/Sounds that are not Samoan, P3: Dipthongs (Vowels & combinations)/Emphasis/Colloquial pronunciation/pronunciation practice

Lesona 2

P7: Conversation/Talanoaga

P8: Conversation/Talanoaga

P10: Conversation. Talanoaga/kalagoaga

Lesona 3

P11: Conversation / Talanoaga

P12: Additional practise. P13: Conversation

P16: Practice

P17: Say these for practice

Lesona 7

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P28: Say aloud, P30: Questions and answers

Lesona 8

P32: Examples, P33: Examples

Lesona 9

P38: Practise saying these

P39: Practise saying these

Lesona 10

P41: Numbers

P43: Question words

P43: Prefix for counting people

Lesona 12

P49: Conversation / Talanoaga

P49: Question, P50: Practise

P53: Practise

Lesona 14

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P55: Conversation / Talanoaga

P56: Months of the Year

P56: Practise, P56: More conversation

Lesona 15

P59: Conversation / Talanoaga

Lesona 16

P64: Practise

Lesona 17

P70: Short story / Tala pu’upu’u

Lesona 20

P79: Conversation / Talanoaga

Lesona 23

P93: Conversation / Talanoaga

Lesona 25

P101: Oral practise

Lesona 27

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P107: Practise saying these

P108: Practise saying these

P109: Practise saying these

P109: Practise saying these, P110: Practise saying these

Lesona 29

P116: Dialogue1 – Teacher /pupil

P117: Dialogue 2—Employer/employee

P117: Dialogue 3 – Doctor /patient

P118: Dialogue 4 – At the Dining Table

P119: Dialogue 5 – Telephone

P120: Dialogue 6 – Finding Information I

P121: Dialogue 7 – Finding information II

P122: Dialogue 8 – At the restaurant

P122: Dialogue 9 – Showing directions

P123: Dialogue 10 – Looking for a Taxi

Lesona 30

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P125: Songs: ‘O le Tatau

P127: Songs: Tautalatala means Too much Talk

P127: Songs: Fale’ula e

P127: Songs: Sāmoa Silasila

P128: Rhymes: ‘O le Gapiā

P128: Rhymes: Moa Uli Moa Sina

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