Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii - West Oahu: Honolulu Record Digitization Project

Honolulu Record, Volume 10 No. 10, Thursday, October 3, 1957 p.6


GOP Speakers at ILWU Functions Run from Roy Vitousek to Peter Aduja

Old-timers on the political scene can't repress a chuckle over the hue and cry raised among some Republican figures over the acceptance by Ed Bryan, chairman of the GOP central committee, of an invitation to speak at the ILWU's territorial convention.

Prominent Republicans have appeared down through the years at many an ILWU sponsored function, the politicos recall, without such a fuss being raised in fact, Peter Aduja, a member of the House of, Representatives from the Big island, was the speaker sent by the GOP to speak at the last ILWU territorial convention, held at Hilo.

But the history of Republican speakers at ILWU functions runs much farther back.

During World War II, Roy Vitousek, a power for many years in the GOP, appeared at the Labor Canteen to engage in a discussion panel along with Robert McElrath and Marshall Mc-Euen of the ILWU and Art Rut-ledge of AFL and independent unions.

Farrington Wore PAC Button

During 1945-46, the late Delegate being a Labor Day football game number of ILWU sponsored functions, perhaps the most conspicuous being a Labor Day Football game at which Farrington sat between Jack Hall, ILWU regional director and Rutledge. On that occasion, it is recalled; Farrington wore a button of the union-organized Political Action Committee, and made the drawing of a "lucky number" for a Buick automobile won by some ticket buyer. He was escorted from his seat to the drawing by Iwalani Smith, daughter of Nolle Smith, another prominent Republican.

Farrington is recalled as also having attended a teahouse dinner along with certain members of the U.S. House Committee on insular Affairs—a dinner at which Farrington sat beside Jack Hall.

When the ILWU has held receptions for members of the Legislature, numbers of Republicans have attended along with Democrats.

The first big fuss to be raised over such attendance seems to have been that made by former Gov. Sam King when he fired Attorney General Edward N. Sylva for attending a dinner given by the union in honor of its regional director, Jack Hall, about a year ago. it is significant, perhaps, that Sam King is one Republican who never received an invitation to attend an ILWU function.

Republicans who have spoken over the ILWU radio program are almost top numerous to remember, but they include such figures as Mayor Neal Blaisdell, Sen. Ben Dillngham, and Sen. Joe Itagaki.

And of course, Ed Bryan may have gone just to pay his respects to a fellow Republican, as did Ed Sylva, that being President Harry Bridges who registered as a Republican in California before the last election.

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