Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii - West Oahu: Honolulu Record Digitization Project

Honolulu Record, Volume 10 No. 9, Thursday, September 26, 1957 p. 1


Betty Farrington Opens Office, Eyes Senate, Wants to Call GOP Signals

Mrs. Elizabeth Farrington, former delegate to Congress, is intent on about bringing a Republican resurgence under her guidance in the Territory, according to sources close to her.

Her occupancy of room 507 in the Stangenwald Building, next to the Star-Bulletin of which she is president, is not merely for the purchase of keeping "an eye on things" at the daily, these sources say.

To Run for Senate
They say Betty Farrington is interested in quarterbacking the regeneration of local Republicans.

They also say "Betty is going to run for the Territorial Senate."

The Star-Bulletin's courtship of Governor Quinn, giving him big headline play and by-line, editorialized stories is looked upon as Mrs. Farrington's tactics of rallying the GOP behind the governor.

This play is made when the Republican ranks are split, caused by the appointment of Governor Quinn who is a relatively newcomer to island politics and, the manner of his appointment by Washington that showed utter disregard of local GOP feelings.

S-B’s Lawyer

Mrs. Farrington and the Star-Bulletin have had good relationship with Governor Quinn. Apparently he is familiar with their affairs, haying served as their attorney when the late Joseph Farrington's sisters and Mrs. Farrington's sisters-in-law brought them to court on matters of the Farrington estate. The case is before the Supreme Court on appeal.

During: the trial, witnesses testified that the Star-Bulletin wrote checks for Joseph Farrington's expenses when he served as delegate to Congress. These checks were for amounts over $10,000 and $20,000. Editor Riley Alien was called as a witness.

Sources who say that Mrs. Farrington is running for the Senate declare she occupies the same position in the Star-Bulletin firm that Joe Farrington did when the checks for his political expenses were written. They say that she apparently has the same power to make the Star-Bulletin the angel of the Republican movement she wants regenerated.

People Remember

However, many feel that Betty Farrington inflicted major injury upon herself when she lost the delegateship race to John A. Burns last year.

"It will be a long time before people will forgive Betty for calling Barns' 15,000 majority 'Communists.' She said on the night she lost, she never knew there were so many 'Communists'," a source said.

Asset or Liability

Other say that Mrs. Farrington has been a "poor sport." She took defeat bitterly and when she went to Washington to wind up her affairs and close her office, she reportedly never visited Burns, did not offer him assistance when she had boasted she had all the important contacts in the national capital, and did not turn over Joe Farrington's office files to Burns.

Sources close to her newspaper say it cannot be determined whether she would be an asset or a liability in the move to beef up the Republicans.

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