Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii - West Oahu: Honolulu Record Digitization Project

Honolulu Record, Volume 10 No. 9, Thursday, September 26, 1957 p. 1


In the Dailies

Betty Gets Brush

What happened at the Star-Bulletin on Monday? The home edition that day carried a four-column front page story declaring that Betty Farrington, as ex-Delegate, is "sharply critical" of Republican chairman Ed Bryan's decision to address the ILWU convention.

The Star-Bull gave Betty 7 1/2 inches of space to raise her moral issue that "no expedient
is justified if it is used in contradiction to principle."

The Star-Bull, which referred to her as Mrs. Joseph R. Farrington, backed up Betty with an editorial.

With the home edition printed, the Star-Bull made a radical change. The story was relegated to page 2, given smaller headlines, and all references to Betty and what she had said were removed.

For the second time this month, the Star-Bull (Sept. 21) dropped the syndicated column by huckster Norman Vincent Peale from its magazine section in favor of a display ad for Listerine for bad breath etc.

If the Star-Bull keeps on favoring Listerine over the preacher, they'll be able to rewrite the Listerine punch-line to say:

Nothing Absolutely Nothing

Not even Huckster Peale will stop the Star-Bulletin from grabbing Listerine easy-come dollars."

The very day (Sept 14) that the local dailies each ran six pages of Johnston & Buscher liquor advertising, some teenagers went on a beer bust which ended in the death of one—an unmarried mother aged 15.

The Advertiser played up the role booze played in the tragedy but in its report the Star-Bull (Sept, 16) did not mention booze— maybe not wanting to embarrass their booze advertisers.

Not until Sept 17 did the Star-Bull mention the guilty booze Then it reported that the Liquor Commission and police were probing how come the teens got the stuff. The police charged an adult woman for buying and giving it to the kids.

When are the local dailies going to treat as front page news the recent bad breaks on the New York Stock Exchange? The walls of Wall Street haven't started to come tumbling down but how long will they be able to withstand the current tremors?
Last Friday more than $3 billion was wiped from the market values of stocks in all groups The decline was the widest since Aug 19 and one of the sharpest in two years.

Consensus was that it reflected concern that the nation may have to go through a recession and unemployment to halt the Eisenhower inflation and other allied economic uncertainties Democrats accuse the Republicans of rigging a minor recession.

The Two Dailies continue their racial snobbery in the special social columns which they run— —People & Parties (Star-Bull) and On the Party Line (Advertiser) — which are kept for well-fixed haoles only.

On other pages they wring their hands about segregation in Mainland schools. North and South, while right here in Hawaii Nei they perpetuate their own special kind of segregation in social chatter. Jan Jabulka of the Statehood Commission, now that he's in town, ought to get next to the editors and plead with them to halt the hypocrisy.

The Advertiser in an editorial Sept 21 claimed that the public is aroused by "repeated reports of rape, frequently by juveniles" and that if the courts "do not impose harsh punishment upon rapists" there'll be "another revolution in the City-County and Territorial government similar to that of 25 or so years ago."

Why pick on the courts? Why not pick on the lurid and detailed stories which the dailies publish about the crime front?

Juveniles commit rape and other crimes because they learn the know-how from adults and adult newspapers. There's juvenile crime because too many adults are too immature, right down the line from in the homes to the so-called moulders of public opinion, i.e., newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and movies.

When is Lorrin Thurston going to cut out plugging the Advertiser Shopper deal as being the largest 'paid delivery" service on Oahu?

People aren't blind and stupid. Down any street Shoppers lie abandoned where the Advertiser delivery boys toss them at random in their hurry to get their low-paid child labor chore done.

The Star-Bull doesn't have to double-talk, and that's one reason why it easily leads in circulation. When it says that every copy of the Star-Bulletin is bought and paid for, that's so—as Lorrin Thurston knows!

Desk men at the S-B weren't surprised that their paper ignored the story published Aug. 31 by the Advertiser re attorney Berman's claim for $15,000 against Shirley Mendelson, heiress and owner of KHON, for professional services rendered.

The Advertiser front-paged the yam The Star-Bull skipped the story, apparently, because of its opposition to Berman ever since he campaigned for Bill Borthwick when Bill opposed Joe Farrington for the delegateship and gave him & run for his money. Editor Riley Alien, like an elephant, never forgives and forgets.

Does Riley know that a few months before he died, Joe Farrington apologized to Berman in a public place for the attacks, direct and indirect, the Star-Bull had made upon him?

They shook hands and Joe repeated, "I'm really sorry."

You didn’t read the following Item in the daily press or hear it on radio newscasts, but on Aug, 9 in the US House of Representatives, Rep. Abraham J. Multer of New York rose and said:

"The mad race continues between the moneychangers in and out of Government. Like the blind' Samson of old, their blind greed will surely pull the temple down around our heads.

"They are speeding to the top of the spiral of inflation, from which they will tumble us all into the depths of depression and bankruptcy,

"The Communists in their wildest dreams, could not bring about our economic destruction any faster than the grasping profiteering of those in control of our money— money which they borrow from us without cost to them or return to us and lend over and over again at ever higher interest rates for their own gain.

"The big business-big bank collusion, if not conspiracy, in and out of government, goes on day after day while we sit helplessly by.

We fail to hear the whir of the vultures because of the roar of the wolves in sheep's clothing.

"I wonder, when the next veterans' bread march on Washington occurs, who will be the Captain Eisenhower and the Colonel MacArthur who win lead our Army against them.

"Wake up, America. While Dulles talks about the brink of war on foreign fronts we are about to be pushed over the brink of economic foolhardiness into the chasm of financial collapse."

Rep. Multer is not a crackpot. He is an outstanding lawyer. He served in World War II, and serves on a variety of national social organizations. He knows whereof he speaks because be serves on the House Banking and Currency and the Small Business Committees.

p /> I do not say that at odd hours a patient must be given the regular hot dinner or supper. Few people would expect this.
But what is so complicated about opening and heating a can of soup, making some toast, or preparing instant coffee or tea? Why cannot a night nurse do these simple things after the kitchen to closed? Is it just too much trouble?

It is only common humanity to feed the hungry. If our hospitals are too big, too complex, too impersonal to do these small kindnesses for the sick, something is very wrong.