Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii - West Oahu: Honolulu Record Digitization Project

Honolulu Record, Volume 10 No. 9, Thursday, September 26, 1957 p. 7


New Intestinal Virus Joins Asian Flu

A new type of intestinal virus has Joined Asian flu as a threat to health in the U.S.

Called "Echo Type 9," the new virus was isolated by researchers under Dr. Albert Sabin at the Children's Hospital Research Foundation at Cincinnati, Ohio. He is widely known for his polio research.

Symptoms caused by the virus are fever, aching muscles, sore throat and Vomiting. Dr. Sabin says that the disease sometimes is mistaken for measles because of a rash of small red-colored dots.

On babies and little children, the rash resembles Insect bites.

Dr. Sabin says that "patients should be isolated from normal contacts and strict hygiene should be observed, such as washing hands."

The symptoms make patients of all ages miserable and keep them in bed for several days. The disease is not dangerous. In a recent epidemic of it, 10,000 people were infected in Milwaukee. None died.

p /> I do not say that at odd hours a patient must be given the regular hot dinner or supper. Few people would expect this.
But what is so complicated about opening and heating a can of soup, making some toast, or preparing instant coffee or tea? Why cannot a night nurse do these simple things after the kitchen to closed? Is it just too much trouble?

It is only common humanity to feed the hungry. If our hospitals are too big, too complex, too impersonal to do these small kindnesses for the sick, something is very wrong.