CLEAR's Index to HRS Chapter 104


96-043 Ala Ike in Pearl City, HI

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Part I. General Provisions

§104-1 Definitions

§104-2 Rate of wages for laborers and mechanics; contract and specification provisions

§104-3 Payrolls and payroll records

§104-4 Termination of work on failure to pay agreed wages; completion of work; contract and specifications provision

§104-5 to 11 Repealed

Part II. Administration and Enforcement

§104-21 Governmental contracting agency responsibilities

§104-22 Investigation; penalties

§104-23 Notification of violation

§104-24 Violations; penalties

§104-25 Suspension

§104-26 Judicial review

§104-27 Liability

§104-28 Civil action

§104-29 Rules

§104-30 Application of this chapter to contracts entered into without regard to other laws

§104-31 Effect on other laws

§104-32 Suspension during emergency

§104-33 Inspection

§104-34 Submission of collective bargaining agreement to the director