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96-043 Ala Ike in Pearl City, HI

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Part I. Definitions

§383-1 Definitions, generally

§383-2 Definition of employment

§383-3 Place of performance

§383-4 Election of employing unit

§383-5 Service localized where

§383-6 Master and servant relationship, not required when

§383-7 Excluded service

§383-8 Included and excluded service

§383-9 Agricultural labor

§383-10 Definition of wages

§383-11 Excluded payments

Part II. Benefits

§383-21 Payment of benefits

§383-22 Weekly benefit amount; computation, minimum and maximum

§383-23 Weekly benefit for unemployment

§383-23.5 Retirement payments

§383-24 Maximum potential benefits

§383-25 to 28 Repealed

§383-29 Eligibility for benefits

§383-29.5 Benefits during training

§383-30 Disqualification for benefits

§383-31 Posting of information

§383-32 Filing of claim

§383-33 Determinations, in general

§383-34 Reconsideration of determination

§383-35 Appeal pending when redetermination issued

§383-36 Notice of determinations

§383-37 Appeal tribunal

§383-38 Appeals, filing, and hearing

§383-39 Procedure

§383-40 Conclusiveness of determinations and decisions

§383-41 Judicial review

§383-42 Representation

§383-43 Payment of benefits

§383-44 Recovery of benefits paid

§383-45 Governing provisions

Part III. Contributions and Coverage

§383-61 Payment of contributions; wages not included

§383-62 Rate of contributions; financing benefits paid to government employees and employees of nonprofit organizations

§383-63 Definitions for experience rating provisions

§383-64 Credits for contributions; destruction of employer accounts and records

§383-65 Charges and noncharges for benefits

§383-66 Contribution rates, how determined

§383-67 Reserve ratio

§383-68 Contribution rate schedules; fund solvency rate schedule; rates based on experience

§383-69 Procedure for rate determination

§383-70 Contributions; levy; returns; assessments

§383-71 Collection of delinquent contributions

§383-72 Priorities under legal dissolutions or distributions

§383-73 Penalty for delinquency; remission

§383-74 Appeal; correction of assessment or contributions

§383-75 Compromise

§383-76 Refunds and adjustments

§383-77 Employers' coverage, election

§383-78 Repealed

§383-79 Combining services performed for predecessor and successor employing units

Part IV. Administration

§383-91 Duties and powers of department, director

§383-92 Rules and regulations

§383-92.5 Worker profiling

§383-93 Investigation of unemployment hazard

§383-94 Records and reports

§383-95 Disclosure of information

§383-96 Service

§383-97 Change of rates

§383-98 Referee

§383-99 Oaths and subpoenas

§383-100 Protection against self-incrimination

§383-101 Relation to chapter 371

§383-102 Preservation and destruction of records

§383-103 Representation in civil and criminal actions

§383-104 State employment service

§383-105 Federal-state cooperation

§383-106 What reciprocal arrangements authorized

§383-107 Reimbursement payments deemed benefits, when

§383-108 Cooperation with states, etc.

§383-109 Cooperation with foreign governments

Part V. Funds

§383-121 Unemployment compensation fund; establishment and control

§383-121.5 Renumbered

§383-122 Accounts and deposit

§383-123 Withdrawals; administrative use

§383-124 Relation to unemployment trust fund

§383-125 Financing employment security administration

§383-126 Reimbursement of fund

§383-126.5 Evaluation of fund balance adequacy

§383-127 Special unemployment insurance administration fund

§383-128 Employment and training fund established

§383-129 Employment and training assessment

Part VI. Penalties

§383-141 Falsely obtaining benefits, etc.

§383-142 Employing units

§383-143 General penalty

§383-144 Unlawful disclosures

Part VII. Miscellaneous Provisions

§383-161 Waiver of rights void

§383-162 Limitation of fees

§383-163 No assignment of benefits; waiver

§383-163.5 Child support intercept of unemployment benefits

§383-163.6 Voluntary deduction and withholding of federal and state income taxes

§383-163.7 Deduction and withholding of uncollected food stamp overissuances

§383-164 Nonliability of State

§383-165 Saving clause, amendment, or repeal

§383-166 Conformity with federal law

§383-167 Amendment or repeal of federal law, effect of; nonconformity, effect of

§383-168 Definitions

§383-169 Effect of state law provisions relating to regular benefits on claims for, and the payment of, extended benefits

§383-170 Eligibility requirements for extended benefits

§383-170.5 Ineligibility for extended benefits when paid under an interstate claim in a state where extended benefit period is not in effect

§383-171 Weekly extended benefit amount

§383-172 Total extended benefit amount

§383-173 Beginning and termination of extended benefit period

§383-174 Computations

§383-176 Limitation of extended benefits by trade readjustment allowance

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