CLEAR's Index to HRS Chapter 393


HAWAIʻI Prepaid Health Care Act

96-043 Ala Ike in Pearl City, HI

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Part I. Short Title; Purpose; Definitions


§393-1 Short title

§393-2 Findings and purpose

§393-3 Definitions generally

§393-4 Place of performance

§393-5 Excluded services

§393-6 Principal and secondary employer defined; coercion, interference, etc. prohibited

§393-7 Required health care benefits

Part II. Mandatory Coverage

§393-11 Coverage of regular employees by group prepaid health care plan

§393-12 Choice of plan type and of contractor

§393-13 Liability for payment of premium; withholding; recovery of premium

§393-14 Commencement of coverage

§393-15 Continuation of coverage in case of inability to earn wages

§393-16 Liability of secondary employer

§393-17 Exemption of certain employees

§393-18 Termination of exemption

§393-19 Freedom of collective bargaining

§393-20 Adjustment of employer-sponsored plans

§393-21 Individual waivers; additional withholding for dependents

§393-22 Exemption of followers of certain teachings of beliefs

§393-23 Joint provision of coverage

§393-24 Noncomplying employer held liable for employee's health care costs

Part III. Administration and Enforcement

§393-31 Enforcement by the director

§393-32 Rulemaking and other powers of the director

§393-33 Penalties; injunction

§393-34 Penalties

Part IV. Premium Supplementation

§393-41 Establishment of special premium supplementation fund

§393-42 Management of the fund

§393-43 Disbursements from the fund

§393-44 Investment of moneys

§393-45 Entitlement to premium supplementation

§393-46 Income directly attributable to the business

§393-47 Claim of premium supplementation

§393-48 Prepaid health care benefits to be paid from the premium supplementation fund; recovery of benefits

Part V. Termination of Chapter

§393-51 Termination of chapter

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