CLEAR's Index to HRS Chapter 652


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§652-1 Garnishee process; "garnishee fund"

§652-1.5 Prejudgment garnishment; procedures

§652-2 Garnishee, rights, duties; collection by levying officer

§652-2.5 Service on garnishee

§652-2.6 Effect of service

§652-3 Amount withheld

§652-4 Satisfying judgment

§652-5 Successive sequestration of wages, upon change of employment

§652-6 Same

§652-7 Successive actions; procedure

§652-8 Execution, when

§652-9 Garnishee may be heard on notice to plaintiff

§652-10 Debts payable in future

§652-11 Section 652-9 to appear on summons

§652-12 Payment by garnishee, effect

§652-13 Fees and costs -REPEALED

§652-14 Receipts to be given by creditor on penalty of forfeiture -REPEALED

§652-15 Law applicable to all courts