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Labor Studies Certificate

    UHWO Certificate in Labor Studies    

Download our 2022 Labor Studies Certificate Flyer to circulate and post.


The Center for Labor Education & Research (CLEAR) at UHWO is pleased to announce the approval of a Labor Studies Certificate by the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents.

This is a 15-credit (five 3 credit classes) program open to students at UHWO as well as anyone interested in Labor Studies.

The Labor Studies certificate program empowers students with the knowledge to improve their working lives and equips them with the skills necessary for labor resource specialists. Hawaiʻi is one of the most unionized states in the United States, and organized labor has played a central role for democracy and equality in Hawai'i. Our courses equip students to think critically about the relationship between work and quality of life, and provide students with the opportunity to view race, culture, gender, economics, political science, media, history, and the future of work from a labor perspective. Courses address workers' rights, labor laws, collective bargaining, and labor theories. As an interdisciplinary field, Labor Studies prepares students for graduate school in law, work in unions, labor resources, public service, or social sciences fields. Labor Studies includes an international focus, which helps students gain a critical understanding the broader global economy as it impacts working people.

Randy Perreira, President of Hawaiʻi State AFL-CIO writes “this program would enable students to gain important knowledge in labor resources and collective bargaining in the state with the highest union density in the United States”.

The Hawaiʻi labor community and supporters encourage students at UH and union members to utilize this educational opportunity and apply and encourage younger family members to do so to empower the next generation. The 15-credit, 100% distance education labor resources certificate is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission and is the result of the advocacy by the labor community in Hawaiʻi for access to labor education in higher ed.

Because this is a new program, scholarships from various funders are under development and will be made available by the beginning of the semester. Thankfully, the Hawaiʻi State AFL-CIO's Labor Community Services Program has responded by immediately providing $5000 towards scholarships for labor program applicants.

Contact Dr. Leslie Lopez ( at UHWO -(808) 689-2764 for more information.

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