Adele Ne Jame

A Love Story


Samuel’s eyes were round and dark,
and his smile like a kid’s no matter
how fast he got old. He married
Esther, a Lebanese girl from Havana.
She was perfect and he loved her.
Her wavy hair in the photo spread over
her bare shoulders, her beautiful eyes were
like powerful horses running hard over flat land.
Samuel called her einey,
Arabic for my eyes, meaning
dearer than vision. But after a son
and years, she stopped loving him.
Absolutely like death.
She went back to Havana, and Samuel
began his second life.
He treasured the suffering.
Kept sheep’s blood
in a jar on the counter.
Walked the streets
at night with a love that would not yield.
For years flew the night shuttle
to Havana, arms full of gifts.
He never gave it up.
Even when they found him in the fetal position,
the TV still on, they had to,
my brother said weeping over the phone,
break his legs to get him inside his coffin.