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The Women’s Campus Club, which began in 1908 as the Women’s Club of the College of Hawaii, was established in 1920 to promote friendship among members, to encourage scholarship, and to render service to the University.

The WCC operates a Thrift Shop located at the Manoa campus and publishes The Exchange, a monthly newsletter of rentals and housing exchanges available to the community.  Money raised by the shop and newsletter is used to fund an annual program of grants to various departments, programs and projects to benefit the University, faculty, and students. Applications for grants are accepted from all campuses of the University system. Through its grants program the WCC has awarded over a quarter million dollars over the years.

Each year we hold a Tea, usually at College Hill, to welcome newcomers to the University community and to encourage networking and fellowship. An Evening of Fine Dining is offered at Kapiolani Community College, and our business meetings are Luncheons held in conjunction with interesting activities at a variety of sites and campuses.

The desire to be significantly involved is the great legacy of the Women's Campus Club. This legacy is strengthened by the good works of the present and fueled by faith and hope for a better tomorrow.

The Women’s Campus Club welcomes all who support our mission to encourage scholarship, render service to the University of Hawai'i, and promote fellowship.