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The Women's Campus Club (WCC) Grant Application process, which normally opens in late August and closes in October, will be delayed this year. The UH Thrift Shop was closed unexpectedly from September 2018 to early April 2019. This led to greatly reduced thrift shop proceeds. Therefore the WCC will delay the grant cycle this year. We will notify the University community when we are able to proceed with a special grant cycle. We appreciate your patience and your patronage of the thrift shop at its new location!

Recipients of the 2019 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $13,315

UH Hilo – School of Nursing. $1,023.

Grant to purchase child mannequins and renewal course DVD required by American Heart Association for Basic Life Support courses. Contact: Patricia Hensley, Assistant Professor (hensleyp@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – Dept. of Anthropology/College of Social Sciences. $2,896.
Grant to acquire and transport 100 Hawaiian pohaku Ku’i’ai (poi pounders) (gifted to the department) for research, teaching and community outreach purposes. Contact: Mark Oxley, Archaeology Lab Manager (oxley@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – College of Natural Sciences, Student Academic Success Center. $2,806.
Grant to purchase outdoor lanai furniture for student study and gathering purposes at Sinclair Library. Contact: Heather Saito (hsaito2@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – School of Law Library. $2,000.
Partial grant to purchase supplies for archival and rare book preservation initiatives at the Law Library. Contact: Ellen-Rae Cachola, Evening Supervisor & Archives Manager (ellenrae@hawaii.edu)
Kapi’olani Community College – Dept. of Math & Sciences. $3,130.
Grant to fund a collaborative demonstration chemistry and horticultural project for both KCC and Hawaiian Studies students at UH Manoa. The chemistry portion will sustainably produce biodiesel from waste cooking oil. This grant funds a pump-diesel generator and related equipment. For the horticultural portion, the pump system will provide water for 5 mala (gardens) at UH Manoa. The mala will provide horticultural crops for Hawaiian medicine courses and ascertain best practices for pairing pumping technology with traditional methods of mala irrigation. Contact: Kathleen Ogata (ogatakat@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa –Generation Action (an RIO). $310.
Partial grant to purchase 2 Dual Condom Dispensers for use in the UH Residence halls. Generation Action will seek other funding to stock the dispensers with condoms. Generation Action exists to raise public awareness about reproductive health and to educate young people about sexual health and create lasting behavioral change. Contact: Jennifer Hsu (jhsu2@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – Hamilton Library. $150.
Grant to assist the exhibits committee in obtaining the exhibit, “A Voyage to Health”, which explores the history of Kaho’olawe and traditional Hawaiian voyaging, and the resurgence of Native Hawaiian medicine. The funds will be used to ship the exhibit to its next location, at UH Hilo and supplied for signage for the exhibit. Contacts: Margaret Joyce and Patricia Brandes, Co-chairs Exhibit Committee (brandesp@hawaii.edu)
Kapi’olani Community College – Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. $1,000.
Partial grant to purchase sanitary dispensers in 5 campus restrooms (40 stalls). The KCC Honor Society wants to provide access to menstral supplies in restrooms, on a campus with 60% females students. Contact: Julie Rancilio, Associate Professosr of History and Phi Thete Kappa Honor Society Adviser (rancilio@hawaii.edu

Recipients of the 2018 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $14,560

UH Manoa – CTAHR (Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences. $2,400.

Grant to purchase a food processor, blades, and cleaning unit for development of a Soup Kitchen on campus, to assist food insecure students. Contact: Joannie Dobbs (dobbs@hawaii.edu)
Kapiolani Community College, Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences. $2,000.
Partial Grant to purchase musical instrument(s) for the KCC Asian-Pacific Instrument collection, for use in Antrhopology, Music, History and Asian Studies courses and activities. Contact: Carl Hefner (hefner@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – Library Services.  $785.
Partial Grant to purchase one of two requested Apple iPads to assist in building a smart phone and tablet application for use by students, staff and faculty.  Contact:  Jennifer Beamer and Carol Kellett (jbeamer@hawaii.edu)
Kapiolani Community College – Library & Learning Resources $800.
Grant to purchase an overhead scanner for students to scan reference and reserve books, photos, notes, etc.  Contact:  Joy Oehlers (aichin@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – The Art Gallery, UHM College of Arts & Humanities. $2,340.
Grant to purchase materials to build new walls-on-wheels for a new system of movable walls at the Gallery.  Contact:  Sharon Tasaka (tasakas@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – Department of Botany.  $2,700.
Partial Grant to purchase a high-quality digital camera for the Joseph F. Rock Herbarium, in order to take high resolution photographs of plant and fungal specimens.  Contact:  Tom Ranker (ranker@hawaii.edu)
UH Manoa – Office of Campus Operations & Facilities.  $3,535.
Grant to purchase a “clean technology” orbital floor stripper that does not require chemicals to remove old wax and prepare floors for new finishes.  Contact:  Traci Shimizu (tracilki@hawaii.edu)

Recipients of the 2017 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $14,350

UH Manoa – SOEST/Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology $1,500.

Grant to purchase STEM mentoring resources for under-represented students
Contacts: Barbara Bruno, Jennifer Engles (barb@hawaii.edu)

Honolulu Community College-Student ACCESS (Disability Services) $2,100.
Grant to purchase software and equipment to increase access for students with communication, sensory, and learning disabilities.
Contact: Cassandra Kam (cyikam@hawaii.edu)

UH Manoa – Office of Planning & Facilities/Buildings & Ground Maintenance $3,450.
Grant to purchase metal tape embosser for labelling campus plants.
Contact: Roxanne Adams (adamsrox@hawaii.edu)

UH Manoa – Women's Center $600.
Grant to purchase banners and groundstakes for events related to International Womens Day, March 8, 2017.
Contact: Roan Peters (gotkids@hawaii.edu)

UH Manoa – College of Natural Sciences- Mathmatics Dept. $3,700
Grant to purchase computer touchscreen display equipment to enchance classroom effectiveness.
Contact: Monique Chyba (chyba@hawaii.edu)

UH Manoa – CTAHR $1,000.
Grant to purchase materials to demonstrate use of native Hawaiian plants around Varney Circle.
Contact: Orville C. Baldos (obaldas@hawaii.edu)

UH Manoa – Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Design & Merchandising Program $2,000
Grant to partially fund development of a digital museum of historic costumes with the purchase of a computer, camera, and software.
Contact: Ju-Young Kang & Shu-Hwa Lin (jykang@hawaii.edu)

Recipients of the 2016 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $11,978

UH Manoa - Office of Undergraduate Education/Financial Literacy Program - $1775

Partial grant to purchase one Epson EX9200 projector, MAC Airbook and MS Office.
UH Manoa - CTAHR/Dept. of Tropical Plant & Soil Science - $727
Grant to purchase weather instrumentation for student projects.
UH Manoa - College of Arts & Humanities/John Young Museum of Art - $832
Partial grant for a projector and screen for indoor/outdoor.
Kapi’olani Community College- Maida Kamber Center - $1968
Partial grant toward purchase of HP Enterprose M606dn, with 40” monitor OR service agreement.
UH Manoa - Athletic Department/Women’s Cross Coutry, Track & Field - $929
Grant to purchase 4 study carrels & chairs for team study lounge.
UH Manoa - John A. Burns School of Medicine/Telehealth Research Institute/SimTiki Simulation Center - $1458
Partial grant to purchase a Dell Latitude E6440BTX laptop for the simulation manikins.
UH Manoa - Department of Chemistry - $2295
Partial grant to purchase 6 Vernier LapQuest2 units with temperature probes and protective cases.
UH Manoa - Library/Business, Humanities & Social Sciences Dept. - $1994
Partial grant to purchase 1 laptop to provide digital tools for the Library’s Open Workshop series, open to all UH faculty, staff, and students.

Recipients of the 2015 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $7232.41.

UH Manoa - Athletics, Women’s Softball - $742.41

Partial grant to purchase one iPad Air Device for student-athletes and those attending their summer programs.
UH West Oahu Campus – Library - $1690.00
Partial grant to purchase equipment to preserve aging and damaged books and a humidity tracking system.
UH Manoa - American Studies - $1800.00
Partial grant to purchase one data projector with lens for American Studies Classrooms.
UH Hilo/CCECS - North Hawaiian Education and Research Center - $1500.00
To purchase a Windows PC for use as a museum gallery kiosk.
UH Manoa - Nursing and Dental Hygiene – $1500.00
Partial Grant to purchase Developmental, Vision, and Speech Articulation forms.

Recipients of the 2014 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $11,770.

Hawaii Community College - Humanities Dept. - $2470 
Partial Grant to purchase a Hollander beater to make paper. 
Honolulu Community College - Library - $400   
To purchase a color laser printer for the library.
Leeward Community College - Theatre/Academic Services-  $750
Partial Grant funds to create a mural in the audience entrance stairway to the Lab Theatre and the Green Room.
UH Manoa - Botany - $2500
To develop additional signage for historical buildings and plant collection
UH Manoa - Curriculum Research/Development - $500    
Partial Grant  to purchase science supplies to supplement a Waves, Sound, and Light kit.   
UH Manoa - Theatre and Dance - $1650   
Partial Grant  for one Bernina 1008 Mechanical sewing machine for the Theatre and Dance Costume Shop with attachments.
UH Manoa - UH Band - $3500   
Partial Grant for construction of storage unit for band instruments.

Recipients of the 2013 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $15,800.

Kauai Community College - Electronics/Trade Division - $3344
Modern equipment for courses and class projects involving electronic control and instrumentation of various machine systems.
John A. Burns School of Medicine - Health Sciences Library - $3,000
Contributing to funding for Clinical Key programs for the School of Medicine and other health and basic science courses.       
UH Manoa - Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences - $2500
To promote different types of hydroponic systems.
UH Manoa - Theatre and Dance - $3,956
To purchase new sound equipment for Kennedy Theatre.   
UH Manoa - Hawaii English Language Program (HELP) - $1,000
To build a library of graded reader books.
UH West Oahu/ Academic Affairs  - Office of Sustainability - $2,000
To fund a sustainable campus garden and demonstration area.  

Recipients of the 2012 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $13,754.

UH Manoa - Molecular Biosciences and Bio Engineering - $1309
        Targeted microbubbles for the early diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer.
UH Manoa - College Collaboration Center - $1000
        To update facility with new furnishings.
UH Manoa - Athletics - $1500
        IMAC computers and printer.
UH Manoa - Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences - $2495
        Minolta Spd Chlorophyll Meter for lab activities
UH Manoa - Kenned Theater - $1600
        Seating options for Kennedy Theater patrons.
Windward CC - Academic Affairs - $1625
        Concrete benches and stools around the campus.
UH Manoa - Theatre and Dance - $2845
        Projectors/lens for stage performances.
Outreach College - Community Services - $1380
        Ticket printer and credit card swipe.

Recipients of 
the 2011 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $13,687.

Windward CC - Humanities, Language Arts, Academic Support - $375
        Assessment of Learning Tools: Webinar of Assessment
UH West Oahu - Education - $850
        For traveling multicultural book bags for elementary children.
Kapiolani CC - History - $3400
For classroom set of clickers, DVD player/vcr, Wireless presenter with Laser Pointer.
Kapiolani CC - Arts and Science, Performing Arts - $4350
        Purchase of a lighting fixtures and a sound board.
UH Manoa - Library  - $4712
        Purchase of a PolyVision Eno One 4x8 mobile projection unit.

Recipients of 
the 2010 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $14,879.

UH Manoa - SOEST/HIGP - $1300
        For the culture of 15 ovarian cancer cell lines.
UH Manoa - Linguistics - $500
        Purchase of digital recorders for phonetic analysis.
UH Manoa - Sinclair Library Services - $1300
        To digitize videos currently in obsolete formats.
Windward CC - Paliku Theater - OCCE/ETC/Theater - $3000
        Purchase of blackout draperies
UH West Oahu - Business/Professional Studies - $1200
        Purchase of a laptop computer for a service learning project.
Kapiolani CC - Math and Science Dept. - $1000
        To build a reference library for biological science classes.
Windward CC - Humanities Dept./Windward CC Players - $800
        For mask making supplies for the Paliku Arts Festival
University of Hawaii Band - $2000
        To repair and maintain band instruments in need of repair.
Waikiki Aquarium - $2200
        For three wheelchairs to accommodate special needs visitors.
UHM Manoa Society of Women Engineers - Collegiate Section - $500
        Purchase of kits for hands-on activities.
UH Manoa - Academy for Creative Media - $1079
        Basic digital film making kit.

Recipients of 
the 2009 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $18,327.

Windward Community College - lmaginarium - $3700
        Purchase of Magic planet globe.
Children's Center UH Manoa - $2400
        Carts for transporting children.
Lyon Arboretum –$1500
        Purchase of defibrillator.
UH Hilo - Pharmacy - $1000
        Purchase of one blood pressure simulator.
Consumer Science - $1000
        Weaving Insight about the Q'ing Dynasty -1000 photos.
UH Manoa - Library - $1000
        Partial support for copies of high-demand books.
Physics and Astronomy - $1700
        Partial support for spectroscopy equipment.
Maui Community College - English - $2200
        Books to celebrate reading all grade levels.
UH Manoa - Botany - $1827
        Scanner to preserve Cultural Heritage Lamoureux collection.
UH Manoa - Department of Speech - $2000
        Partial support to equip literacy rich area for children at clinic.

Recipients of 
the 2008 Women’s Campus Club grant awards totaling $16,093.

UH Leeward Community College - Art Department - $3,000
        To help disadvantaged students to produce Marketable Art.
UH Manoa - Music Department - $1,000
        Fund a digital input-output device for audio recording to computer.
UH Manoa - Hamilton Library - $1,640
A high speed color printer for the science and technical reference workstations.
UH Manoa - Art Gallery - $2,000
        Partial support of insurance premium for Chinese textile show.
UH Manoa - School of Nursing - $1,500
Computer to support collaborative effort with Mid-Pac students to create a public service announcement to showcase the School and its importance in training nurses for Hawaii.
UH Manoa - Library-Gov Docs - $1,223
        Equipment to make GIS data available to all.
UH Manoa & Kapiolani Community College - Theatre & Dance/Music - $2,000
        Partial support for the repair of a large taiko drum.
UH Manoa - Glass Art - $1,730
Registration costs for a group of students to attend a professional
glass art conference.
UH Manoa - HNEI - $2,000
Display cases and bulletin boards for first floor of POST Bldg.