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Mission: To establish an innovative and replicable model program for the study of Chinese Language (Mandarin) and culture at Queen Kaahumanu Elementary School that will form the foundation of a sequential program of language study to continue through intermediate and high school, and include intensive professional development for teachers and project staff to insure participating students' achievement of state performance standards in foreign language.

Goal: Project CLASS will build upon the Hawaii State Department of Education's Asian, European, and Pacific Languages Curriculum Framework. The program will consist of the following three objectives:

  • Objective 1. Development of a curriculum framework that is innovative and replicable by reviewing, selecting, adapting, testing, and evaluating innovative approaches that include the promotion of two-way language learning with Chinese-speaking peers, parents, and community members;
  • Objective 2. Development of a sequential Chinese language program through a) the articulation of study from the elementary school to middle and high schools; and b) the creation of a community networking system that links Hawaii's significant Chinese community organizations to the promotion of Chinese language and culture in Hawaii schools; and
  • Objective 3. Professional development for Chinese foreign language teachers and related staff to improve their skills to successfully implement the model and obtain credits toward state teacher certification.

Project CLASS served approximately 90 students over a three-year period through daily one-hour afterschool classes. Classroom instruction utilized innovative approaches including enrichment activities such as field trips, technology, and two-way learning activities with peers, parents, and community members.

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