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The success of Project CLASS was made possible by the efforts and support of the following staff and volunteers:

Yu-Ling Chang, Volunteer

Lee Suan Chong, Project Assistant

Xue-mei Hu, Project Coordinator (1997-1998) and Curriculum Designer

Menq-Ju Hwang, Curriculum Designer and Instructor

Chialing Lai, Project Assistant

Xiao-Le Li, Volunteer

Bin Liu, Project Assistant

Ying Liu, Project Assistant

Kunio Nagoshi, Project Coordinator (1998-1999)

Patrick Nakamura, Project Assistant

Yuan Tian, Project Assistant

Haidan Wang, Curriculum Designer and Instructor

Ling Wang, Curriculum Designer and Instructor

Jonathan Wang, Evaluator

Xiao Wang, Instructor

Noel Yu, Project Assistant

Lawrence F. H. Zane, Project Director

Jie Zheng, Curriculum Designer and Instructor


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