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Windward Community College Computer & Information Literacy Graduation Requirement
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Note: Any Email exam submitted without an attachment is considered incomplete and a student will not achieve a score high enough to pass the exam. Emails submitted from MyUH Portal have been discovered to be missing attachmets. DO NOT USE MYUH PORTAL!

Sample Exercise for the Email
Component of the CIL Exam

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Use this sample exercise to practice your skills and to learn what to expect on the Email component of the CIL exam. The format of this exercise and the types of skills you'll be asked to demonstrate, are very similar to the exam. Use the detailed scoring rubric to see how points are assigned for each task you'll be asked to complete.

  • During the exam, you'll be given a printed set of instructions with checkboxes. Below, we've provided a checklist you can print out. Use the checkboxes to help you remember to complete each step.

  • Always take the time to read through the instructions before you begin. Doing so can save you time and prevent you from making some mistakes.

  • This exercise is not timed. When you take the Email component of the CIL exam, you will be given 2 hours to finish. You may want to time yourself as you do this exercise to find out if you can complete it within 2 hours.

  • During the exam, complete as many of the listed tasks as you can. If you can't complete a task, skip it and move on to the next instruction. If time permits, return to uncompleted tasks later.

  • Save your work often.

  • During the exam, you will be allowed to use the email program's help menus, but you will not be permitted to get assistance from another person in completing the exam.

  • Before you can do this exercise, you will need to request a practice email message.

Using your UH Email account, send a blank email message with the subject Practice Email to wccil@hawaii.edu. Within a day or so, you'll receive an email message that will allow you to complete this rest of this exercise.

Note: When you register to take the Email component of the CIL exam, you'll be sent a message to use in completing the exam. If you do not receive the message by the day before the exam, contact The Learning Center IMMEDIATELY because you won't be able to do this component without that message!


Using a web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), login to your UH email account through the Web Mail interface https://mail.hawaii.edu/ (Note: do not use MyUH portal Email).

Compose a new message.

The subject heading should read, "CIL practice message"

In the body of the message, type your first and last name.

Send the message to wccil@hawaii.edu


Look for the email message with the subject "Windward CIL Exam EMAIL PRACTICE EXERCISE".

Open this message.


This email message has an attached file called practice.txt.

Save the email attachment into the PRACTICE folder/directory on a thumb drive on your computer. (G:\practice.txt).


Open the email attachment in any text editor or word processing program.


On the first line, type your full name.


On the second line, type today's date in this format: August 10, 2008.


Save your changes - make sure the file is saved on your thumb drive, and that it's saved in the .txt file format.

Close your document, and exit the text editor or word processing program.


Return to the email program. Reply to the practice message.


Set the message to be Carbon Copied (CC:) to bshon@hawaii.edu


In the body of the email message, answer the questions. Be sure to write your answer to the first question after the first question, and the answer to the second question after the second question, etc.


Attach the practice.txt file you've edited to this message.


Send the message with the attachment to wccil@hawaii.edu. Double check that the address is right.

14. Close the browser program you were using to access your email account.

Congratulations! You're finished with the exercise.

Skills List | Exam Sample Print Email Sample Exam | Scoring Rubric

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