The “support fee” is the annual payment paid by the state directly to the professional schools. The annual support fees are determined by the WICHE Commission after examination of the average educational costs in western professional schools.

Each healthcare field has a maximum number of years/academic terms for which a student can receive WICHE support. PSEP-supported students concurrently receiving a Federal scholarship or stipend or other support which fully covers tuition and commits graduates to a service obligation following completion of the professional training may not be eligible for WICHE support; this includes military scholarships.

Funds for WICHE-Hawai‘i are appropriated by the state Legislature and then allocated by the Governor on an annual basis. Students certified eligible to be considered for support by the Professional Student Exchange Program and who are accepted by a participating school cannot be guaranteed WICHE support until the number of WICHE seats that can be supported in each healthcare profession are determined. If the number of students with admission offers exceeds the number of seats in each field that the state is able to fund, then WICHE headquarters coordinates a ranking of the students with offers to select the most qualified ones, and they are offered WICHE support first. For additional details, please see “How WICHE’s Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) Determines Which Applicants Will Receive Support.”

Continuing PSEP students do not need to reapply each year for certification. However, continued sponsorship is subject to annual legislative appropriations and allocations, as well as the student’s continuous maintenance of his or her Hawai‘i residency status. In addition, students must remain in good academic standing and make satisfactory progress toward the designated degree to receive continued funding.