How to Apply for WICHE-PSEP

  1. You must apply directly to WICHE-Hawai‘i for PSEP certification. Students must apply by October 15th the year prior to academic enrollment. If WICHE-Hawai‘i determines that you are a bona fide Hawai‘i resident, you will be “certified” and eligible to be considered for WICHE support.
  2. You must apply directly to the professional school(s) in which you’d like to enroll.
  3. The professional school(s) determine whether or not you are admissible to their program.
  4. WICHE-Hawai‘i informs WICHE headquarters that you have been certified as a Hawai‘i resident, and WICHE headquarters notifies cooperating schools that you are a certified WICHE applicant.
  5. You must inform WICHE-Hawai‘i of your admissions offers from professional school(s) as they occur. Failure to do so could result in your not being ranked, and subsequently not considered for support.
  6. WICHE administration conducts rankings as necessary to determine which certified students will be offered WICHE support and forwards the names to the WICHE-Hawai‘i office.
  7. WICHE-Hawai‘i notifies you if you have been selected for PSEP support, and the amount of support you will receive for the coming academic year.
  8. Once enrolled and in the WICHE PSEP, you must:
    1. Remain enrolled as a full-time student in good standing and notify WICHE-Hawai‘i of any changes (residency, leave of absence for family or medical reasons, academic performance problems, or withdrawal from the program);
    2. Maintain your bona fide Hawai‘i residency; and
    3. Keep WICHE-Hawai‘i informed of any changes in both current and permanent address.
  9. Upon completion of your WICHE PSEP, you must keep WICHE-Hawai‘i informed of your contact information, as well as report on your progress in fulfilling your return of service obligation.

Notification to WICHE PSEP Applicants Enrolling Fall 2013 or later


Applications are available beginning August 1 of the year prior to enrollment. All documents must be postmarked no later than October 15th of the year prior to enrollment. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible. In the event of a ranking tie, postmarked date may be used to determine the funding recipient.

All PSEP application forms are PDF-writable: download the form on your computer, type in your information, print the form, and sign it. Unsigned forms are considered incomplete and will be returned. Retain a copy of all forms for your file.

Send all forms to the WICHE-Hawai‘i office at the address indicated in the contact section of this website.

___ Read all information on the WICHE PSEP and WICHE–Hawai‘i websites.
___ Complete and submit the WICHE-Hawai‘i PSEP Application form (Download application) along with:
___ the WICHE-Hawai‘i Transmittal Form
___ two (2) copies (both with original signatures) of the Consent and Waiver Form (available with the application form)
___ A short autobiographical statement providing your career objectives and a description of any community service and career-related activities and experiences
___ Veterinary Medicine Applicants: in addition to the above, complete and submit the Statement of Intent form. Applicants for Veterinary Medicine PSEP support are strongly encouraged to submit their PSEP application no later than September 15th.
___ Apply to the professional school(s) of your choice, identifying yourself as a certified WICHE applicant or indicate that you have applied for WICHE certification. Certified WICHE applicants are typically given some level of preference over non-WICHE/nonresident applicants by the cooperating PSEP schools. The degree of preference varies by school.
___ Send WICHE-Hawai‘i copies of acceptance letters from your professional school(s) as well as copies of your acceptance of offer or decline letters. It is your responsibility to keep the WICHE-Hawai‘i office informed of the status of your offers of admission and all offers that you decline, as these changes occur. Failure to do so could result in not being ranked and not being considered for WICHE funding.
____ Check directly with your professional school regarding the specific tuition charges that you will be assessed if you are selected for WICHE support.
____ Inform WICHE-Hawai‘i of any changes in your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other contact information, as these changes occur. WICHE-Hawai‘i is not responsible for any communication not received by the student because the student failed to report such changes.