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About Wireless Cards

The wireless network card finds and talks to the access point with the strongest signal to give you access to the network  A stronger signal will in general give you better and faster connection to the network.  All wireless network cards should be Wi-Fi certified by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA).  Since there are many upcoming additions to the wireless standards, we would also recommend that your wireless card be upgradeable via a firmware update to maximize the chances that it will be able to adapt to changes.

Although any Wi-Fi certified 802.11b wireless card should interoperate with the Orinoco wireless access points, we have found so far that the Orinoco wireless cards provide the best network connection as you get further away from the access points.  The ITS Help Desk will initially be prepared to support the Orinoco wireless cards and clients software (gold and silver cards).  A list of other wireless cards that work can be found below.   As we are able to test additional cards we will update this list.   Cards listed in the "Cards Not Support" were tested but found to have problems in setting up the card and/or problems with using the card in different areas of the wireless service on campus.

We are using the built-in encryption on the wireless cards as well as authentication using your ITS username and password. This means you will need a valid ITS account and know the proper Network Name and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key to use the wireless network. You can get the Network Name and WEP key from the Account Management web page. Once you have logged into the Account Management system, look for the link titled "UHM Wireless Network Settings". Clicking on that link will give you the wireless network name and password. There is also a 12-hour time limit per session. After 12-hours, you will need to authenticate to the network again.

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