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About Wireless Network

A wireless network is the same as a wired network except for the need of a physical wire to connect your computer to a network.  What is required is a special ethernet cards that uses radio frequencies to transmit and receive information just like a wired ethernet card.  The advantage of the wireless network is the freedom to access the network from anywhere on campus that provides wireless service. 

Wireless Access on Manoa
The Manoa Wireless Network consists of wireless access points installed at various locations, usually of common meeting areas.  A general coverage map can be found at Wireless Map.   You will need to open a web browser to authenticate that you are a valid user before you are granted access to the network. 

Configuration of the UH Wireless Network
A wireless network consists of 2 parts, a access point and a wireless network card that is installed in a computer (usually a notebook/portable computer).  The access points provide the physical connection to the wired network and communicates with multiple wireless equipped computers.  We have chosen to installing Orinoco wireless access points for this initial rollout.  All equipment are IEEE 802.11b compliant.