Criticism is due to Money’s refusal to admit that his dealing with the child John/Joan (referred to in our article Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, March 1997; Diamond and Sigmundson) and others of his writings have led to the unwarranted sex reassignment and surgery for hundreds, if not thousands, of children around the world. Yes, Money’s intentions might have been honourable in his original decision, but the road to hell is paved with such intentions. And, once realising the error of his management methods, Money ethically should have reported them with the same vigour he used to tout his success. This he has not done and, as yet, he refuses to so edit his book in print.

It is the nature of scientific and medical research to report on successes and failures of different techniques and theories, to challenge one another’s thinking, methods and ideas. Over the years, it was necessary to show the world that the techniques and ideas promulgated by Money were not as clear-cut or successful as he claimed. I was not, as King cites Money as saying, “gunning for him for 30 years”. What I, and others, have been doing for 30 years is indicating the weaknesses in Money’s thinking in regard to sexual development. Children were suffering; unfortunately, it took the suffering of too many of them to have it finally come to clinical recognition.

That Money cannot stand the heat of criticism, while it may be a measure of his conviction, is a sign of intellectual and academic weakness. It would have been ethically, medically and scientifically remiss for Dr Sigmundson and myself not to have reported that we found that the case offered by Money as a model was not the success he reported. New physicians will have more and better information from which to make decisions.

Finally, there is an implication in the article that I have somehow benefited financially from my medical reports and research. All my work in regard to the John/Joan case and sexual development was financed out-of-pocket; I have not gotten one cent for my efforts. Does Money do his clinical work for free? My motivation is scientific and medical truth, wherever it may lead.

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