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Bruce Chorpita, headshot

Bruce Chorpita

An associate professor of psychology at Manoa, Bruce Chorpita is a nationally recognized leader in research, policy and practice related to the implementation of clinical practice technologies for children.

His work focuses on understanding the nature of anxiety disorders in youth as well as developing innovative ways to analyze existing research to improve professional practice and policy. His efforts have resulted in the development of new service delivery platforms for scientifically tested intervention strategies.

Preliminary findings suggest that Chorpita’s ideas on how to improve mental health services for youth are extremely effective and may revolutionize psychological treatment of children as well as adults.

The Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research is awarded by the Board of Regents in recognition of scholarly contributions that expand the boundaries of knowledge and enrich the lives of students and the community. The board also awards the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching.

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