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UH Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

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Wendell Kekailoa Perry, headshot

Wendell Kekailoa Perry
Hawaiian Studies

Wendell Kekailoa Perry is an assistant professor at the Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge. He is an emerging kanaka maoli scholar and new leader in higher education.

He is an influential teacher through courses such as Hawaiian Institutions: Trusts, Organizations and Governments, Native Hawaiian Rights and Practices and Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific.

He has been described as having the rare ability “to effectively teach as an indigenous educator about issues critical to the well-being of indigenous peoples to students who may or may not be indigenous, and who may or may not be receptive.”

Perry’s many commitments to teaching include being a grant writer and principal investigator of Ka Papa Lo‘i o Kanewai Cultural Resource Center, where Manoa students and community members join in learning about cultural practices.

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching recognizes Manoa faculty members who have made significant contributions to teaching and student learning.

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Steven Businger, headshot
Steven Businger
Charles Fletcher, headshot
Charles Fletcher
Geology and Geophysics
Wendell Kekailoa Perry, headshot
Wendell Kekailoa Perry
Hawaiian Studies


Jonathan Deenik, headshot
Jonathan Deenik
Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
Michael Dunn, headshot
Michael Dunn
Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences
Joel Moffett, headshot
Joel Moffett
Academy for Creative Media
Michael Nassir, headshot
Michael Nassir
Physics and Astronomy


Kate Lingley, headshot
Kate Lingley
Art and Art History


Jane Kadohiro, headshot
Jane Kadohiro
Sankaran Krishna, headshot
Sankaran Krishna
Political Science
Gregg Lizenbery, headshot
Gregg Lizenbery
Theatre and Dance
Lois Yamauchi, headshot
Lois Yamauchi
Educational Psychology


Daphne Desser, headshot
Daphne Desser
David Haymer, headshot
David Haymer
Paula Morelli, headshot
Paula Morelli
Social Work
Amy Schafer, headshot
Amy Schafer
Janet Uyehara, headshot
Janet Uyehara