21. Alternative text for the image is a file name


Alt filename incorrect example

Description: The alternative text for an image must reflect the purpose of the image and not contain the image file name. (The problem often occurs with auto-generated alternative texts). The alternative text is used by a screen reader to read aloud the purpose of the image for a visually impaired user. A file name is rarely of use, as everything is read out, including underscore and slash.

Context: Alternative text should provide supplemental information to those who cannot view the image, links generally offer minimal information to someone using assistive technology.

<img src="http://manoa.hawaii.edu/manoajournal/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_19-2sm.gif" alt="http://manoa.hawaii.edu/manoajournal/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_19-2sm.gif">

How to fix it: Make sure the alternative texts reflects the purpose of the image.

<img src="http://manoa.hawaii.edu/manoajournal/sites/manoajournal.hawaii.edu/files/covers/medium_19-2sm.gif" alt="Maps of Reconciliation: Literature and the Ethical Imagination">

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