44. Provide enough time


Description: This warning will always appear on your pages since your assessment is needed.

Context: Assistive technology inherently will take longer to navigate a page, therefore time limits on any content are not best practice. If time limits must be in place, an alternative must be made available to those who are using assistive technology. Most pages will not have this problem, however SiteImprove is unable to accurately scan for this issue so it must be manually reviewed. This issue would be most prominent in pages with heavy Javascript interaction (such as fading notifications).

How to fix it: If some sort of time limit appears on your page, and it affects the time a user has to navigate and use the page, make sure of the following: The user can influence the time limit by stopping it, adjusting it or extending it. If no time limit affecting the user occurs on this page, the page is in compliance with this criterion.

Techniques: F40F41F58FLASH19FLASH24G4G133G180G198SCR16SCR 33SCR36