Summer Session Tuition

Tuition schedules are provided here for convenience and do not constitute an official declaration of University of Hawai‘i tuition information. For official tuition schedules please refer to the Executive Policy E6.201 PDF.

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Tuition schedule

Regular Semester | Summer Session

PCH = Per Credit Hour, FT = Full Time, NA = Not Applicable

Summer 2010 Summer 2011 Summer 2012
Resident Non-Res Resident4 Non-Res Resident Non-Res
UH Manoa1                      
   Undergraduate2 282 NA 282 NA 316 NA 316 NA 350 NA 350 NA
   Graduate 372 NA 372 NA 415 NA 415 NA 458 NA 458 NA
   Graduate - Nursing 589 NA 1112 NA 657 NA 1247 NA 752 NA 1382 NA
   Graduate - CBA Masters3 622 NA 964 NA 665 NA 1073 NA 708 NA 1182 NA
   Graduate - Law JD 633 NA 1174 NA 665 NA 1251 NA 697 NA 1328 NA
   Graduate - Law LLM 1236 NA 1236 NA 1317 NA 1317 NA 1398 NA 1398 NA
UH Hilo1                        
   Undergraduate 282 NA 282 NA 248 NA 316 NA 350 NA 350 NA
   Graduate 371 NA 372 NA 415 NA 415 NA 458 NA 458 NA
UH West O‘ahu1 282 NA 282 NA 248 NA 316 NA 350 NA 350 NA
UH Community Colleges1
(Summer, Special Term, Customized)
249 NA 282 NA 283 NA 316 NA 317 NA 350 NA


1At all campuses, tuition is not charged for credit courses that are subsidized under contractual agreements. In accordance with University concurrent enrollment policy, students enrolling at multiple institutions/campuses during the same term pay the applicable rate at each campus.

2Undergraduate resident and nonresident nursing students at UHM enrolled in the regular programs pay a professional fee (see separate fee schedule). Professional fees will be charged unless waived by the department.

3The CBA masters degrees offered in executive format charge the resident rate established here plus additional fees delegated to and approved by the President. Revised tuition rates from 2010-11 through 2011-12 were approved by the BOR in January 2010.

4Revised resident undergraduate tuition rates for UH Hilo, UH West O‘ahu, and the UH Community Colleges were approved by the BOR in January 2011. Pacific Islander and WUE rates for the nine campuses are $282 (i.e., half of the nonresident to resident differential). Pacific Islander and WUE rates at UH Mà„noa continue to be the same as the resident / nonresident rates.

Approved by Board of Regents: May 19, 2005, Jan. 28, 2010 and Jan. 20, 2011.