Project ECHO- Dysphagia in the Older Adult

09/25/2019, Aida Wen and Shari Goo-Yoshino

Project ECHO- Principles of Medication Use in the Elderly

08/28/2019, Dr. Masaki

Project ECHO- Dementia and the Role of Culture in Care Practice

07/31/2019, Colette Browne

Project ECHO- Dementia Capability Training Part III- Strategies to Support Families

06/25/2019, Ritabelle Fernandes

Project ECHO- Dementia Capability Training Part II- Normal Aging & Dementia


Project ECHO: Dementia Capability Training- Part 1 The Basics

04/30/2019, Ritabelle Fernandes

Project ECHO- Recognizing and Treating Delirium

02/27/2019, Aida Wen

Project ECHO- Hearing Loss, Aging, and Dementia


Project ECHO- Reducing Polypharmacy in Dementia

11/27/2018, Valisa Saunders

Project ECHO- End of Life Care and Letting Go

10/30/2018, Dorothy Colby

Project ECHO- Dementia and Hospice


Project ECHO- Is it Dementia or Delirium

06/27/2018, Aida Wen

Project ECHO- Management of Dementia-Related Behaviors: When Appropriate?

05/29/2018, Dr. Brett Lu

Project ECHO-Caregiving and Dementia: Engaging in Early Conversations to Prevent and Resolve Conflict

04/24/2018, Wiltgen & Kurihara

Project ECHO- Palliative Care for Persons Living with Dementia

03/09/2018, Laurel Coleman

Project ECHO- Understanding Challenging Behaviors

02/27/2018, Dorothy Colby

Project ECHO- It’s All in Your Approach: Making Positive Connections

01/30/2018, Dorothy Colby

Project ECHO- Early Detection of Dementia and Steps for a Healthy Brain

11/29/2017, Dr. Kamal Masaki

Project ECHO- Dementia Capable Care of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

10/31/2017, Ritabelle Fernandes

Project ECHO- Dr. Pat Borman- Creating Smooth Transitions of Care Across Dementia Continuum of Care

09/26/2017, Dr. Pat Borman

Project ECHO- Update from Kokua Mau: Advance Care Planning and Dementia

08/29/2017, Jeanette Koijane

Project ECHO- Legal Preparedness: The Challenge of Capacity

07/25/2017, Scott Suzuki

Project ECHO- Geriatric Depression and Dementia

06/27/2017, Dr. Aida Wen

Project ECHO- Dining with Dementia

05/30/2017, Dorothy Colby

Project ECHO Session- Polypharmacy and Dementia- 4.25.17

04/25/2017, Valisa Saunders

Dementia Caregiver Self-Care and Empowerment

03/28/2017, Dr. Lucas Morgan

Understanding Progression: Seeing More than Loss

02/21/2017, Dorothy Colby

“Leave Me Alone” – Live Alone Projects in CA- 1.31.17

01/31/2017, CA Live Alone Project Team

Project ECHO Session- Helping Families Talk With and Support Their Kupuna: Mediation and Family Counseling- 11.29.16

11/29/2016, Tracey Wiltgen

Project ECHO Session-Addressing Legal Issues for Persons with Dementia- 10.25.16

10/25/2016, Jim Pietsch

Project ECHO Session- Non-pharmacologic Strategies for Addressing Behaviors and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia-9.27.16

09/27/2016, Dr. Aida Wen

Project ECHO Session- General Approaches for Dementia-Related Behaviors: Medications When and How- 8.30.16

08/30/2016, Dr. Brett Lu

Project ECHO Session- Understanding Challenging Behaviors- 7.26.16

07/26/2016, Dorothy Colby

Project ECHO Session- Advance Care Planning Advance Care Planning: Decisions Matter for Memory Loss Patients and their Families- 6.28.16

06/28/2016, Lori Protzman