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Inbound crisis line call volume for June 2020, the highest monthly call volume since 2014


Percentage of Mental Health Emergency Worker calls that resulted in a MH-1 from January through July 2020


Number of Mental Health Emergency Worker calls since March 2020 (Governor's first emergency proclamation due to COVID-19)


Number of inpatient hospitalizations with a Primary Diagnosis of Mental, Behavioral, or Neurodevelopmental Disorder (2020 Q1)

Total Mental Health Emergency Worker calls for Honolulu and Maui County Districts, 2020

Welcome to the Hawaii Behavioral Health Dashboard!

Substance use and mental health are one of the most pressing health challenges in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Behavioral Health Dashboard (HBHD) is a platform that aims to share information about substance use, mental health and behavioral health for Hawaii.

Our theory of change is that, by unlocking data and making data accessible to a general audience, we can help to bring more resources and tools to address the challenges and further build the system of care for these vulnerable populations.

Data need not be unintelligible. On the contrary, data can help to allow everyone to develop a common understanding, track where we are making progress, and see where we are falling behind.

Through data visualizations, we can see how the system of care addressing substance use, mental health, and behavioral health has changed.