IS 206: Introduction to Applied Gerontology

Margaret A. Perkinson
Director, Center on Aging

Course Summary

We are undergoing a worldwide revolution. Never in the history of the human species have so
many people lived for so long. Increased life expectancy and higher proportions of older adults
in local and global populations will bring about significant psychological, social, economic, and
cultural changes, making gerontology, the study of aging and older adults, a field of critical
importance for the 21st century.

This course counters ageist stereotypes, introduces students to essential information on aging
and the field of gerontology, develops skills for translating research into practice, and provides
an introductory course for the undergraduate certificate in aging.

No matter what future career you choose (e.g., healthcare, law, business, social work, public
health, the arts, design and architecture, politics, urban planning, tourism and hospitality), you
will deal with the issues, needs, and potential contributions of older adults. This course will help
you succeed in those efforts.

IS 206: Introduction to Applied Geronotology