Total List of UHM Undergraduate Courses on Aging

Total List of UHM Undergraduate Courses on Aging

(Semesters and instructors may vary; some courses may be offered through Extension)

HDFS 334 Adulthood and Aging; Spring, Summer (online) (Prerequisite: HDFS 230)

HON 291B/HDFS 291 Health, Illness, and Optimal Aging; Fall (NEW)

IS 206 Introduction to Applied Gerontology (NEW) (Available in Spring 2019)

IS 305 Ethics, Aging, & Society (NEW) (Available in Spring 2019)

NURS 399 Law, Aging, and Health Care; Fall 2018 (online) (NEW)

NURS 343 Gerontology: Nsg Implication; Fall (for majors)

PH/ SW 435 Back to the Future: Aging in Today’s Society; Spring (Pre: 201 or SW 360 or WS 305 or PSY 100 or FAMR 230 or NURS 200; or consent of instructor)

PSY 342 Adult Development and Aging; Fall, Spring, Summer (online, occasionally in person) (Prerequisite: PSY 100, Recommended: PSY 240)

REL 394 Death and Dying; Spring (Prerequisite: REL 150 or 151 or consent of instructor.)

SOC 353 Survey of Sociology of Aging; Fall, Spring & Summer (online) (Prerequisite: SOC 100 or a 200 level SOC course)

SOC 453 Analysis in Sociology of Aging; Fall (Prerequisite: SOC 300)

COA 480 Interprofessional Service Delivery and Gerontology; Summer 2019 (NEW – CAPSTONE COURSE).