Nurs 399 Gerontology, Healthcare and Law Section 002

Course for Fall 2019

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Fall 2019  – Online 

 Nurs 399 Section 002

  CRN 87265

Gerontology, Healthcare and Law

(includes the application of ethics)

Featuring a special “Ask a Lawyer”  Component

Designed for  Undergraduates in Health Care Professions, Social Work, Gerontology, Nursing, Pre-law and Pre-med 

 Learn practical legal theories and applications affecting older adults. Join this multi-disciplinary longevity course with a focus on preventive legal strategies and ethical issues in caregiving, decision making, end of life care, dementia and other age related legal issues.

Approved Social Work Upper Division elective
•Approved FAMR/HDF’s Program elective
•Approved Center on Aging Undergraduate Certificate

 on Aging

•Approved Dept. of Nursing Undergraduate elective

Dr. Lenora Lee:     

(808) 956-6544  

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