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Hawaiʻi State Plan For A Data Driven System Of Care On Substance Use (Protocol 1)

Hawaiʻi State Plan For A Data Driven System Of Care On Substance Use (Protocol 1)

The University of Hawai‘i, Pacific Health Analytics Collaborative developed and carried out a data analytic infrastructure to provide information on the many ways in which substance use impacts the state of Hawaiʻi with focus on the prevalence of substance use and the extent of treatment access in the state. A byproduct of the State Plan Protocol 1 Project is the 2022 Statistical Report which is a compilation of curated tables and figures using data obtained within the first year of the project. The report provides an overview of substance use and substance use treatment in the state of Hawaiʻi and utilizes a data driven analytic framework to assist the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division’s strategic plan to emphasize a data-driven system of care. From the Statistical Report, the Data Analytic Infrastructure discovered and inventoried data on substance use as part of its Substance Use Data Inventory (SUDI) which is grouped into three categories including

  • survey data,
  • clinical data, and 
  • administrative data. 

The main focus of the report is identifying the prevalence of substance use, the people receiving treatment, and the extent of treatment access. 

The Substance Use Data Inventory (“SUDI”) catalogs a comprehensive set of datasets with substance use information. The SUDI includes survey datasets, claims and clinical data, and relevant datasets from state agencies in the substance use disorder (SUD)  system of care including human resources, homelessness, criminal justice, and law enforcement. To each discovered dataset, the SUDI served as a common data inventory framework checklist to explore and understand the scope and limitations of each dataset for potential inclusion and analysis. 

Another byproduct of the State Plan Project was the State Plan Community Dissemination Webinar Series. This series served to provide community consultation and promote key findings of the 2022 Statistical Report. This 6-part webinar series promoted partnership building and improved collaboration efforts with involvement from subject matter experts. The webinars were supplemented with short videos, interactive dashboards, and infographic posters available to the public. 

The 2022 Statistical Report was commissioned by the Hawaiʻi Department of Health (DOH) Alcohol and Drug abuse Division (ADAD), and is administered by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Thompson School of Social Work and Public Health, Center on Aging (COA) Pacific Health Analytics Collaborative (PHAC).

UH State Plan Team

  • Victoria Fan, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor & PHAC Director
  • Deveraux Talagi, Co-PI, Assistant Researcher & Lead Data Scientist
  • Stephen Geib, Policy Research Associate
  • Jaclyn Topino, Policy Research Associate
  • Sarah Yasuda, Policy Research Associate
  • Shelby McKee, Research Analyst
  • Rachel Untalan, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Mili Normandin, Undergraduate Research Assistant