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Past Community Workshops and Training Series:

  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Data Wizardry R Workshop
  • Seminar Series on Aging
  • Health Care Claims Data Analytics Club

Past Undergraduate Courses Offered

  • PH 203 – Introduction to Global Health (3): Introduction to the basic principles of global PH. Topics include the application of these principles to global PH issues, exploration of links between health, economic, and social status, health disparities and global interventions. A-F only. Pre: 201.
  • PH 330 – The United States Health Care System (3): Overview of the U.S. health care system. Topics will include health economics, health service expenditures, comparative health systems, health policy, and issues of cost containment, access, and quality of care. A-F only. Pre: 201
  • PH 499 – Directed Reading/Research (1-3): Repeatable up to six credits. PH majors only. Junior standing or higher.

Past Graduate Courses Offered

  • PH 600 – Public Health Foundations (2-3): Focus will provide a broad introduction to the field of public health and orientation to overarching issues in the field. A-F only. Fall only.
  • PH 626 – Health Economics (3): Integrated concepts in health economics and its application towards health policy issues; market failures in health care; factors affecting U.S. health care spending potential impact on equity/efficiency stemming from changes in health care delivery. A-F only. (Once a year)
  • PH 646 – Grant Writing in Public Health (1): Lecture/discussion on grant writing with public health focus. Includes basic components of grant proposals, assessing appropriate funding opportunities, data sources/resources for justifying grants, and the funder’s perspective. Student will prepare a brief foundation grant proposal. A-F only. (Once a year)
  • PH 658 – Computer Applications in Public Health (3): Applications of computers to problems common to public health. Emphasis on data analysis and processing using existing computer programs.
  • PH 660 / SW 680 – Application of Public Health Skills (1-3): Introduction to Medicare
  • PH 672 – Leading Health Programs (3): Assess how to organize community partnerships to create and communicate a shared vision for a changing future; discuss solutions to organizational and community challenges; maximize motivation to reach public health goals. A-F only. Pre: 600 or consent.
  • PH 699 – Directed Reading/Research (V): Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.
  • PH 765 – Health Program Evaluation (3): Examines advanced principles of and frameworks for evaluation. Students integrate utilization-focused evaluation methods to improve service delivery and quality, outcomes and impact to improve community and population health. A-F only.
  • PH 770F – Doctoral Seminar in Translational Research (3): Required for students in the DrPH program. (C) health disparities research; (D) evidence-based public health; (E) topics in health policy; (F) leadership. A-F only. Pre: departmental approval.