Pivoting towards a State of Active Aging: State Senate Resolution 83 Passed!

The 2019 Hawaii State Senate introduced and passed Senate Resolution 83 SD1 to help the state pivot from just viewing older adults from a sick-care to a well-care perspective.  While the work to address the needs of functionally disabled persons is important and will continue, Resolution 83 underscores the  imperative for the state to target boomers, pre-retirees, and active agers, emphasizing opportunities for health, security, and participation in society both to enhance their quality of life and enable them to remain important assets to their communities.

This resolution points out that the 2013 Executive Office on Aging policy paper on Active Aging should be reviewed, updated, and implemented. Hawaii has a viable roadmap, and the passage of Resolution 83 provides the opportunity to promote its vision for positive social change.