End of Life

Knowledge, Practice, and Attitudes Toward End-of-Life Issues among Adults in Hawaii

08/01/2003, Karel, H., Zir, A., & Braun, K.

Death with dignity: Older adulthood

05/01/2003, Braun, K.

Perceptions of a required hospice rotation: A comparison of first- and fourth-year students

05/01/2003, Bertao, C., Kayashima, R., & Braun, K.

An evaluation of Kokua Mau, Hawaii’s coalition to improve end-of-life care in Hawaii

07/01/2002, Braun, K.

The complete life

06/01/2002, Zir, A., & Braun, K.

Advance directive completion rates and end-of-life preferences in Hawaii

12/01/2001, Braun, K., Onaka, A., & Horiuchi, B.

Roles for the church in improving end-of- life care: Perceptions of Christian clergy and laity

12/01/2001, Braun, K.,& Zir, A.

End-of-life care: An aging network issue advocacy guide & resource kit

03/01/2001, Koijane, J., Braun, K., & Crocker, J.

Barriers to good end-of-life care: A physician survey

02/01/2001, Kayashima, R., & Braun, K.

Support for physician-assisted suicide: Exploring the impact of ethnicity and attitudes toward planning for death

02/01/2001, Braun, K., Tanji, V., & Heck R.

End-of-life preferences in Hawaii

12/01/2000, Braun, K., Onaka, A., & Horiuchi, B.

Multicultural perspectives in bioethics: End-of-life decision making

12/01/2000, Koch, T., Braun, K. L.,& Pietsch, J. H.

Advance directives and end-of-life care: The Hispanic perspective

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An introduction to culture and its influence on end-of-life decision making

11/01/2000, Braun, K., Pietsch, J.,& Blanchette, P.

Autonomy, advance directives, and the patient self-determination act

09/01/2000, Pietsch, J. H., & Braun, K. L.

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