Aging in Place, Housing, and the Law

01/01/2008, Pynoos, J., Nishita, C., Cicero, C., and Caraviello, R.

Aging in Place

12/01/2007, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Promoting basic accessibility in the home: Analyzing patterns in the diffusion of visitability legislation

06/01/2007, Nishita, C.M., Pynoos, J., Liebig, P.S., Perelman, L., & Spegal, K.


08/01/2006, Pynoos J., Nishita, C.M., & Kendig, H.

Elders and the right to housing

04/01/2006, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Retrofitting homes and buildings: Improving sites for long-term-care delivery

03/01/2006, Nishita, C.M. & Pynoos, J.

The Affordability and Supportiveness of Housing for older Americans. A Vision Paper written for the 2005 White House Conference on Aging

12/11/2005, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

The changing face of senior housing

10/01/2005, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Housing and the continuum of care

05/01/2005, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Linking housing and services for older adults

03/01/2004, Pynoos, J., Liebig, P., Alley, D., & Nishita, C.M.

Review of the book: Aging independently: Living arrangements and mobility

03/01/2004, Nishita, C.M. & Pynoos, J.

Home modification financing

02/01/2004, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Advancements in the home modification field: A tribute to M. Powell Lawton

09/01/2003, Pynoos, J., Nishita, C., & Perelman, L.

The cost and financing of home modifications in the United States

09/01/2003, Pynoos, J. & Nishita, C.M.

Senior-related housing issues

04/01/2003, Pynoos, J., Schachter, M., Nishita, C., & Smith, C.H.

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