Native Hawaiian

Participant-direction in a culturally diverse, rural population: The Hawai`i Community Living Program.

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Advancing research in transitional care: Challenges of culture, language and health literacy in Asian American and Native Hawaiian elders

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Adversity and Resiliency in the Lives of Native Hawaiian Elders

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Integration of cultural concepts in establishing Ha Kupuna, the National Resource Center for Native Hawaiian elders

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Using a Community-Based Participatory Approach to Create a Resource Center for Native Hawaiian Elders

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Filipinas as residential long-term care providers: The role of culture, gender, and immigrant status

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Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander elders. In closing the gap: A report on minority aging

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Older adults’ frequent visits to a fast food restaurant: Non-obligatory social interaction and the significance of playing in a “third place”

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Adapting a standardized assessment measure to fit a unique community: The home care satisfaction measure in Hawaii.

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When a geriatric case management program closes: Impact as perceived by frail elders and family caregivers

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A study of attitudes toward aging and caregiving patterns among Samoan families in Hawaii

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Seniors as assets: A statewide survey

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Baby boomers data: Hawaii 2000

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Perceptions of dementia, caregiving and help seeking among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

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Perceptions of dementia, caregiving, and help seeking among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

11/01/1998, Braun, K., &Browne, C.

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