Students may choose from over 500 courses with Asian and Pacific emphasis.  The departments of Art and Art History, Music, Religion, Philosophy, and Theater and Dance specialize in educating from the global perspective. Classes and programs in astronomy, geography, and oceanography also feature the finest researchers in these scientific fields. Students are highly encouraged to take courses that are not found at their home college.

The incomparable locale of the University, settled between the mountains of the Ko‘olau range and the blue water of the Pacific Ocean offers another classroom of sorts. Past students of the ASH program have enjoyed the exploration and recreation that accompanies a mountain and ocean environment. Plus the multi-cultural community of Hawai‘i is rich with customs from all over the world.

ASH is a free service and does not require any extra fees to apply or enroll. Students are guided through the application and registration process by the Program Director, and various social and outing events throughout the semester are planned exclusively for ASH students.

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