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This list includes only currently received periodicals in Burmese in the Asia Periodical Room. It does not include all Burmese language periodicals in the Collection.

Please ask for assistance if you can not find a journal on the list.

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  'A Tve创 'A Mran` Alanka Gita Gyanay Ca Tuin` Sac` Maggajan`创 Cac` Pran` Maggajan`创  


  Dhamma Rup` Cum : Bh痑s痑re创 Nhan` 'a tve创 'a kho` Maggajan`创 Fashion Image Jivaka Kr痠创 Pv痑创 re创 lam`创耨vhan` gy痑nay`  


  Kro` nr痑 nhan` jhe创 vay` lam`创 耨vhan` maggajan`创 Mahes痠 rup` Cum Maggajan`创 Mrak` Khan`创 Sac` Maggajan`创 Mran` m痑 dhana c痠创 pv痑创 re创 maggajn`创  


  Mrat` Kre创 Mum Maggajan`创 Mrat` mangal痑 c痑 con` Mravati Mrui to` Ran` Kun` = City  


  Nve Ta Ri Maggajan Ratan痑 Sac` Maggajan`创 Rup Rhan On Lam Phak Rhan Fashion Magazine  


  S痑创 Kon`创 Ta Man` Sa Pre Te Maggajan Teja rup` cum
Ucc痑 dhana c痠创 pv痑创 re创gy痑nay` = Fortune economic journal.



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