Southeast Asia Collection

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Title Call Number
1998 Population Census of Cambodia PopMap CD-ROM 369
1998 Population Census of Cambodia Priority Tables CD-ROM 366
1998 Population Census of Cambodia Village Data CD-ROM 367
1998 Population Census of Cambodia WinR+ Population Database CD-ROM 368
A Virtual Tour of Taman Negara CD-ROM 493
CD-ROM Yellow Pages Indonesia CD-ROM 178
Complete Dictionary, Indonesian-Dutch, Dutch-Indonesian  DISK 8
Complete Dictionary, Indonesian-Japanese, Japanese-Indonesian  DISK 10
Complete Dictionary, Indonesian-Perancis DISK 9
Days to Remember:  A Multimedia Experience of Singapore History CD-ROM 361
Faculty of Science National University of Singapore CD-ROM 416
Indexes on CD-ROM  CD-ROM 171
Indonesian Business Directory CD-ROM 177
Indonesian Industry and Trade Directory CD-ROM 179
Jakarta CD Guide CD-ROM 189
Kamus Inggris-Indonesia, Indonesia-Inggris DISK 11
Kamus Tiga Bahasa  DISK 12
Malaysian National Bibliography CD-ROM 172
OpenSys EjaTepat97 Panduan Pengguna CD-ROM 409
Orient Business Express  CD-ROM 134
Puisi Kanak-Kanak (Malaysia Nursery Rhymes) CD-ROM 415
Rancangan Malaysia KETUJUH 1996-2000  CD-ROM 98
Seventh Malaysia Plan 1996-2000
Rancarangan Malaysia KETUJUH
Singapore National Bibliography (cumulative 1967-1998) CD-ROM 139
Singapore!  A Multimedia Journey CD-ROM 408
Singapore: Overcoming the Odds CD-ROM 494
The Journal of the Burma Research Society CD-ROM 341
Times History of Singapore CD-ROM 99
UMNO 5 Dasawarsa CD-ROM 161
Undang Undang Perseroan Terbatas DISK 7
Undang2 Merek, Paten, Hak Cipta  DISK 6


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