Accessing LISTSERV via the Web (Subscribers)

This section provides a quick tour of the subscriber view of the Web interface. For more information about each page, you may refer to the online help by clicking on the ? in the top-right corner. Some common tasks have been detailed in the following sections.

Getting Started

To get started, direct your browser to and click Log In in the top-right corner. If you have already registered with UH LISTSERV, enter your email address and LISTSERV account password and click Log In.
If you do not yet have a LISTSERV account or do not remember your password, click on Register Password or Forgot Password respectively and fill in the requested information. A command confirmation request will be sent to your email address for verification. Click on the link in the email to confirm your request. Your request will be processed once this confirmation is received.
Note: Your password for the LISTSERV must be a minimum of 5 non-space characters. This password is independent of your UH username password. Like any password, you should take care in creating one that is unique and should not distribute it to others.

Once the above has been completed, return to the log in page and sign in using your email address and newly registered LISTSERV password. The University of Hawai‘i LISTSERV home page will be displayed with a variety of menu options available from the navigation pane on the left. The selections available to you will depend on your role – Subscriber or List Owner.

Navigating the Web Interface

The navigation pane is located on the left side of the LISTSERV Web interace (y
ou may need to click on the > in the top-left corner to make it visible). This menu generally stays the same from page to page and contains links to various areas of the Web interface you have access to.

In LISTSERV 17.0, you can choose between two modes for the web interface. 
  • Basic - Only the most common options are shown. This is best for users who are not experts and do not need to use more advanced features. This is the default setting.
  • Expert - Certain pages may contain advanced options that are not available in Basic mode. Expert mode is recommended for users who are very familiar with LISTSERV and/or need access to advanced settings.

To change interface modes, click on your email address in the top-right corner. Then, click on Edit Profile and, using the Mode drop-down menu, select the mode type you would like to use. Finally, click Save.
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