Ama Support for Tourism and Economic Recovery in Hawaii

New opportunities to support Hawaii as a Global Leader in Ulu Plant Protein and Gluten Free Food Processing & Manufacturing; Waste Management Conversion and Water Harvesting

The ama (outrigger), in this context is used as a metaphor for new industries to support the main hull (tourism) battered by a storm in uncharted waters.  Canoe voyagers learned over millennia to reach for and hold onto the ama for stability in a tempest or sudden squall. As a metaphor, the ama is an economic outrigger to support and prevent the capsizing of Hawaii’s primary economic ship of state (tourism) and while doing so, grow parallel economies and industries for greater economic stability and diversity.  The ama consists of three high impact components whose synergies and symbiotic relationships are capable of stopping the list (nautical term when a vessel tilts) and providing parallel local economic development activities for employment transition, local business opportunities and ownership. The combined synergies of the ama exceed the capacity of any one of them alone.


Failautusi Avegalio

Director, Pacific Business Center Program

email | (808) 956-6286

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